Chad M. Layton, Esq.
April 26, 2013


Divorce and Alimony in west palm beach and lake worth

There has been ample discussion recently regarding proposed changes to the alimony law in Florida and how these changes may affect past and future divorces in Palm Beach County and the Lake Worth.  
Currently, Florida Law provides that a spouses “need” for alimony is determined by a number of factors.
The factors used to determine alimony in Palm Beach County and Lake Worth include the standard of living established during the marriage, the income and expenditures routinely made during the marriage, the earning ability of each spouse, the income level of each spouse, the education level of each spouse and the roles which each spouse played during the marriage.
The Court will often times focus on the standard of living which the parties enjoyed toward the end of the marriage.  This may be used as an important component to establish permanent, periodic, durational, bridge the gap or lump sum alimony in Palm Beach County.
The length or duration of the marriage is another important factor which the Court will consider.  The Court will often times consider a marriage under seven years as “short term.”  The period of seven years to fifteen years of marriage is often times considered “intermediate.”  A marriage lasting over seventeen years may be considered a “long term marriage.”  Logically, the longer the duration of the marriage, the more likely the award of alimony and longer duration of alimony.  When determining whether or not alimony should be awarded, the Trial Court should consider the value of the marital assets, the needs of each spouse in the future, the disparate earning power of each of the spouses and the ability of each spouse to provide for alimony. 
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